How to make strain become antidote and not poison

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I tend to say that when the load is the problem. In other words, if you don’t get to run, jump, train, hike, play padel, handball or other activities, stress is the solution. The problem is that strain can potentially be both the poison, but also the antidote!

In this article, we will consider what I mean by poison, antidote and which factors can be decisive for whether it becomes poison or antidote.

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The poison

Most people who have tendon pain, so-called tendinitis, come to me because it hurts, but also because you don’t get to do what you love. Run, train and be active. They find that they don’t get to do what they love. They find that straining the tendon is the poison for the ailments. Yes, the more they do it, the more irritated the tendon becomes and the worse it becomes. In other words, they feel that it is the poison.

So when my answer that the solution for the Achilles pain is strain, it doesn’t seem very logical. What makes it possible to become married is, for example, that you perform exercises or training at too great a speed, you run too long, the tendon does not have the capacity for what is required, you forget how important sleep is, you do not see the big picture and other influencing factors. You think that all the stress I have at work and at home doesn’t affect my tendon pain.

Then we have to take a few steps back and look at which factors we have to take into account, but first the antidote.


If we hit the load just below what you have for tolerance here and now, our bodies are so amazing at adapting that it does exactly that.

  • Have you been poorly trained and experienced what can happen to your body over a relatively short period of time?
  • Did you know that for throwers, the humerus adapts by getting an increased rotation due to countless throws
  • Have you been pregnant and experienced what happens to your body during the 9 months?
  • Did you know how changeable your brain is?
  • Have you seen natives who have large jewelry in their lips. If you and I had tried, our lip would have cracked, but if we start with a small case and put in bigger and bigger wooden jewelry, our lip or ear will adapt over time.
charge poison or antidote

In other words, we can’t put the load too low either, because then your tendon loses its properties. That is, if you can run 5. km is also taken away in your rehabilitation and you lose the tolerance to run. When you start running again, there may be problems. Or if I do the toe raises far too easily for you, you will lose the strength in your calf muscles and the ability of the Achilles tendon to withstand stress.

What affects whether it becomes poison or antidote?

To understand the tendon, we must understand load

The tendon must withstand especially 3. thing.

  1. Power . Store and release energy
  2. Speed. the tendon must withstand force at high and low speed.
  3. Compressive forces, wrapping effects.

By reducing the speed in exercises or removing compressive forces on a tendon, we can carry out load without it becoming toxic.

Other training/load

Tendon pain is a stress injury. So if you already have a high load, we also add even more load, so maybe I’m just creating a bigger load problem for you? In other words, we have to take down the most provocative things now so that we have room to load in the form of what you need to bring up the capacity and tolerance in the tendon tissue so that you can soon again do what you miss and love.


Sleep is a factor that is important for both recovery in the form of our brain and our other tissues. For example, our tendon tissue. It is important for our experience of pain. We know, among other things, that if you sleep 7 hours or less, 4 days or more, our experience of pain increases by 25%. So getting enough sleep is absolutely essential.


If you have a job that requires you to walk an extremely large number of steps during the day, this can be crucial in order to withstand the strain. Or if you are really unhappy at work, that could also be a trigger for your pain picture.

Mental health

If you don’t feel mastery, things don’t feel meaningful, life is insecure, a lot of bad conscience and it feels like living in a haunted house, then perhaps this is the most important thing to address before putting in all the cloths to help you with your tendon pain . And precisely what should help you feel better can be exercise, exercise, activity. The fact that your tendon pain is in the way makes it doubly negative. If you are in this category, I am really passionate about helping you.

The way to the goal!

So in order for it not to become a poison, but an antidote, we must take into account the whole of you as a person WITH tendon pain. Not just your tendon. It is important, but YOU are primarily not A tendon, but a PERSON with a tendon.

Load can be poison or antidote

In other words, for strain to be poison or antidote, you must understand a number of different things that can affect the tendon and strain.

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