Mythbuster: Ibux and rest for Achilles pain?

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Ibux and rest is some of the worse advice you can get for your Achilles pain. Read on or watch the video to learn why!

Mythbuster: Ibux and rest help with Achilles pain? (No, see why!)

Ibux and rest are not the solution

There are many who believe that Ibux and rest will fix the Achilles tendons. But that might be the worst advice you can get. It’s easy to understand why you have that suggestion, because doctors and therapists alike offer this advice daily.

It has been believed for many years that it is mainly an inflammation. Often this is completely wrong. An inflamed/irritated achilles may need rest for a few days, but if there was any good advice to fix your achilles pain, Ibux and rest would have helped you and many others a long time ago.

If you still sit with the belief that this is the way to go, your Achilles will end up losing its property and function. When you are going to be active again, these pains in the achilles will come right back!

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So what is the right solution for Achilles pain?

So how do you get your Achilles to be able to run, play janitor, hike, play handball, soccer or compete again? Yes, then you have to relieve the strain on the tendon and you do that best through targeted, structured and calm strength training with knowledge through weeks with a focus on pain strategy, dosage of training where we build a robust and strong person with Achilles. Next, we have to get the tendon to withstand speed again.

So let me ask you. Do you really want to continue with Ibux and rest? So that the tendon loses its properties and also has pain. Or do you want to start with targeted rehabilitation so that you can run, get back in shape so that you crush your friends and competitors!

If the answer there is “yes” or “maybe”, I recommend that you contact me / or book a no-obligation appointment so that together we can set up a plan so that you get well again!

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