Mythbuster: Are needles, pressure waves and injections the solution?

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Unfortunately, the short answer is no. It is NOT the BEST for fixing your achilles pains.

A mythbuster about massage, needles, pressure waves and injections

The biggest problem people make about Achilles pain is relying on measures such as needles, foam rollers, massage, pressure waves and injections. I understand that, because the vast majority of therapists and doctors have had too much focus on these measures. So it is easy to fall for the temptation that it is the solution. For many years, I also had too much focus on these measures.

But, let me ask you :

If it was the best treatment you could get, do the vast majority of people get well from measures like needles, massage, pressure waves, injections alone? And then pain-free from their Achilles ailments, so they can run and be active again? Have you benefited from these measures? It can give you a pain-relieving effect, but as soon as you are going to be active again, the pain is back.

In other words, it does not change how your tendon or Achilles tendon can withstand being loaded.

So how do you get e.g. your Achilles tendon to endure to run, play padel, go hiking, handball, football or compete again?

Yes, you have to solve the challenge of straining the tendon.

And you do that best with targeted, structured and calm strength training over the course of weeks with a focus on pain strategy, dosage of training etc. Where you build a robust and strong person with Achilles problems. Finally, we need the tendon to withstand speed so that you can run again.

So let me ask you:

Do you really want to continue with these measures so that your tendon loses its properties and function, and in addition has pain. So you don’t get to run or train. Or do you want to get started with targeted rehabilitation so you can become active again.

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