Who is Achilles rehab for?

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– achilles rehab is for you who have pain in the achilles.

Perhaps you recognize yourself in the following claim?

“My pain is localized in the Achilles. I wake up stiff in the morning and it is troublesome going down / up the stairs in the morning. It will get better when I get started. Walking on flat ground goes quite well, but on downhills and hilly terrain I struggle and feel pain in my achilles. Especially if the speed is higher than a leisurely walk. Lately, I have increased my amount of activity quite a bit and/or done more of something I haven’t done for a long time. I get a little better when I get warm, but then the pain comes more the longer I’m active. I struggle a lot with running, then the pain comes quickly. Bike is ok.”

Are you wondering if the pain in the ankle area could be pain from your Achilles tendon? Click here and take the ” Achilles check “!

Perhaps you have tried the following?

Needles, cortisone or PRP injections, pressure waves, massage, stretching, IBUX has at best helped you and your Achilles for a short period of time. Even calm has not worked. As soon as you try to be active again, the unbearable pain returns in the Achilles. From the therapists and doctors you have met, you have received 10 different pieces of advice and 10 different explanations for why you are in pain. This means that you have lost faith in getting well, and you no longer feel that this body part is your own. The tendon is no longer to be trusted. WILL IT SMOKE? Is it inflammation? Can I move even if it hurts? Should I keep the tendon completely still? All this leaves you frustrated and at a loss. Life has stopped and it has gone beyond everything you have loved in life. Run, play padel, play with children or grandchildren, go for a walk with friends, compete, work, yes simply live an active life.

Then I’ll tell you something:

As a patient and therapist, I have also made these mistakes. I have trusted that these measures such as pressure waves , stretches , needles , etc. will fix my problem or that of the person I work with. The challenge is that none of these measures mentioned above do anything to the problem! They may relieve the pain for a short period, but then they return when you have to charge again. Running, playing panel, going on top hikes, etc.

If stressing the tendon is the problem, then stress is also the solution. The problem is that it can be both the poison and the antidote! When I understood this and that passive measures do not fix the problem, it was a revelation for me. This means that I have knowledge and background about what is needed, and not needed to help you.

There is hope for you and your achilles, you can get back the life you had.

Through motivation, regaining faith in getting well, knowledge and active measures needed to start running again! This is what you get in Senefix. Structured and targeted rehabilitation with progression! No more doing toe raises and other exercises without weight and lots of repetitions. We will create a clear action plan for the way forward, where we work purposefully to get you back into activity. And the best thing is that we can achieve that by simultaneously getting you in better shape than before you were injured.

I will help you with this and much more on the road to recovery. I want to give you the measures so that you get started with the most important thing in your life!


So be honest with yourself, do you feel like one or more of the points below?

  • Short or long-term Achilles pain
  • At a loss
  • Frustrated
  • Given up
  • Put life on hold
  • Stop living the life you want
  • Avoiding doing anything that makes your aches and pains flare up Not understanding what’s going on with your body

If you recognize yourself in one or more of the points above, I will HELP YOU!

Who is Achilles rehab not for?

It is not for you who have been told that you have paratendon or have had an acute pain in the Achilles triggered by a specific event. Here, it must be examined whether you have damage to the Achilles first.

This is also not for you who want another quick fix, for others to fix you. This is for you who are willing to put in what it takes to become good. The ONE thing! Because let’s be honest, most of our ailments require time and that we do what MUST be done.

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