How to get rid of achilles pain

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Here we will look at how to get rid of pain in the Achilles and which tips and tricks you must take into account.

First of all, what characterizes pain in the Achilles?

– 10. characteristic of achilles pain

  • Local pain in Achilles
  • Morning stiffness – pain up and down the stairs
  • Pain on exertion
  • You may have increased your workload recently or done a lot of something you are not used to
  • It gets better when you warm up, but then the pain comes back
  • Pain in the achilles, especially during rapid loading such as running, jumping and the like
  • Calmer forms of activity such as leisurely walking or cycling go clearly better
  • Hilly terrain and downhills are worse for Achilles than flatter terrain
  • You point in the middle of the Achilles or down towards the attachment for the Achilles
  • Achilles can be and often is thicker
how to get rid of achilles pain

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So how to get rid of Achilles pain?

Many have tried passive measures such as massage, needles, Ibux and rest, pressure waves, injections etc. These measures can calm down the pain for a short period, but as soon as you have to put more weight on it, the pain returns. That’s because the language the tendons understand is strain. The tendon is designed to withstand powerful movements, pressure against a leg and speed required for, for example, jumping or running. With that said, there is also the challenge of a sore tendon. So stress can be both the poison and the antidote.

In other words, we have to add the load to exactly what you and your tendon tolerate. That is, not too high, but not too low either. Then it loses its properties. In other words, we have to find your optimal load!

So the bottom line is: to get better from Achilles pain, we must primarily solve your load challenge. Measures such as massage, needles, pressure waves, Ibux etc. can also be used. be the seasoning or the additional measures. It is important that it does NOT become the opposite.

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How do you get rid of the pain in the achilles in the best possible way?

In order to help you as best as possible, it is important to have an understanding of the tendon. What provokes it also further. If we know that, we can remove the provocative things for the tendon. We know it’s special 2. things that can irritate a painful achilles extra. It is high speed and the tendon is squeezed against something. So by removing high speed and pushing against something, we set the conditions very well for success.

To get better from the pain in the Achilles, you should therefore do slow and calm strength training. In this way, you positively influence the tendon to become stronger and withstand stress better. So we make what is good in the end EVEN BETTER! This is what we call HSR training.

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Senefix is about this. Get your stress challenge resolved so you can start running and being active again. My knowledge of tendons, pain and exercise dosage. Together with you, we work together to get you back to being active again. I give you that support and help through an app so I can help you wherever you are in the world. Here you get tailor-made rehabilitation for you and your tendon. Follow-up via video calls and 24. hours of support through the Messenger function in the app so you never have to wonder about your tendon pain again! I make you responsible so that you carry out what is needed to get better from the pain in the Achilles!

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