Achilles pain

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In this article, we will consider what characterizes pain in the Achilles, but perhaps most importantly what is fundamental to not having pain in the Achilles!

– 10. characteristic of achilles pain

  • Local pain in Achilles
  • Morning stiffness – pain up and down the stairs
  • Pain on exertion
  • You may have increased your workload recently or done a lot of something you are not used to
  • It gets better when you warm up, but then the pain comes back
  • Pain in the achilles, especially during rapid loading such as running, jumping and the like
  • Calmer forms of activity such as leisurely walking or cycling go clearly better
  • Hilly terrain and downhills are worse for Achilles than flatter terrain
  • You point in the middle of the Achilles or down towards the attachment for the Achilles
  • Achilles can be and often is thicker

The solution to Achilles pain:

Many have been happy to try passive measures such as

  • massage
  • needles
  • strains
  • injections
  • ibux
  • rest
  • laser
  • pressure wave

These and more have potential, and can calm down the pain for a few days, but as a rule it is the case that as soon as you put pressure on the tendon, the pain is there again. In other words, these treatments are not a good solution for your sore Achilles. I call these measures the spice. In other words, they come a little way down the priority list for which focus we should have to help you. The language the tendon understands is stress. The tendon is designed to withstand force, pressure and speed.

achilles pain
Aleksander works with tendon pain both at the clinic and digitally in Senefix

Read more here about Ibux and rest is the solution to your tendon pain.

We have to solve the load challenge!

To get your Achilles tendon to withstand running, playing padel, hiking, tennis, etc. then we have to solve your Achilles tendon’s load challenge. I like to say that when load is the problem, load is also the solution. The problem is that it can be both the poison, but definitely also the antidote. This also depends on which phase you are in. If it is a relatively new problem, it is particularly important to reduce, or for a period of time remove, loads that produce quick hard rapid pulls on the tendon, for example running and jumping. It can also be for long-term tendon pain in the Achilles, but then it is primarily about getting the tendon to withstand stress. That’s what it’s all about for the more short-term painful Achilles as well. But then only when the tendon has been acutely calmed down, then you can start building up again.

How does it become antidote and not poison?

In order to rehabilitate yourself with smartness, it is fundamental to know a few things about the tendon. It is 2. forces that are extra provocative for tendons. There is speed and there are compressive forces. This means that the tendon is squeezed against something, for example a leg. So the solution to Achilles pain is to do heavy, quiet strength training. So-called HSR training. If we also find your perfect or optimal load that takes into account sleep, rest and you as a person, then we are a long way off. In other words, we must not place a load harder than that we are just below what the tendon tolerates and not above. Then it becomes poison and not an antidote.

Senefix helps you with Achilles pain!

That is all that I describe above Senefix is about. Get your stress challenge resolved so you can start running and being active again. My knowledge of tendons, pain, dosage of exercise. Together with you, we work together to get you back to being active again. I give you that support and help through an app so I can help you wherever you are in the world. Here you get tailor-made rehabilitation for you and your tendon. Follow-up via video calls and 24. hours of support through the Messenger function in the app so you never have to wonder about your tendon pain again!

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